Amanda Edwards

Fife, Scotland Castle Residency

Spring 2021

*** Please NOTE* ** Due to the pandemic, dates for the 2021 residency have not been determined yet. The goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. As soon as dates are determined, everyone who has applied will be notified!

Open Call for Nine Artist of all Mediums!

Spring 2021

(week to be determined, but will run a Sunday to Sunday Spring 2021)

Now accepting Applications!

Artist-in-residence programs exist to invite artists of all mediums to experience time and space away from their daily routines, environments, and obligations. They allow creative time to reflect, make art, relax, and explore a new area with new inspirations. Multi-cultural exchange and immersion into another culture allow artists to explore their creativity within a new community.

About the program

The Scotland Art Residency is open to all creative people! All mediums may apply, including but not limited to photographers, writers, musicians, painters, jewelry artists, mosaic artists, fabric arts, etc. - however please keep in mind that there is NO traditional studio, and you MUST be prepared to create your own creative space (indoors or out) and avoid any art production that could cause even the smallest damage to the castle. This means bring drop cloths if you plan to paint!- and NO glitter! This is a large castle, and there will be no shortage of places to create both inside the castle and out.

There is an optional one-day glass mosaic class, given by myself, Amanda Edwards. The class runs approximately 6 hours, and includes all supplies. The fee for the class is $265 per person. 

Other possible add-on, one-day classes are: glass blowing, working with pastels, watercolor basics. Details on classes available during your residency will be available within 4 months of your dates. 

Final Application Deadline March 22, 2020, Acceptance Notification by April 15, 2020
Application fee is due upon competition of the application. If you are a RETURNING ARTIST there is NO FEE. 
If you have applied before, there is also NO FEE for additional applications! 

Things to Note/Important Information for 2021 artists!

You must arrange your own transportation to and from the Castle.

This is a very old castle. There are spiral staircases, and many of the bathrooms have stand-alone claw-foot tubs. As such, it may not be a good fit if you have mobility issues.

IMPORTANT! If you reserve a room/bed and would like to cancel, there will only be a refund if the room/bed is reserved by someone else. 

This a a creative retreat open to all art forms/mediums! For some people, that will mean they want quiet, peace, and reflection. Others will want to be social with the other artists. Both are fine! It's just important to remember to respect what each person wants out of their retreat. There are ZERO expectations for people to hang out, be social or not social, or even to leave their rooms! This is YOUR amazing Scottish Art Retreat! The only thing expected is for you to have a week to be your creative, wonderful self!

It is understood that this retreat is a way for artistic people to spend a week in a highly inspiration location at a minimal cost! By reserving a room or bed, you understand that although many of the participants may indeed end up touring the area together, you are under NO obligation to do anything at all!  


  • There is NO smoking anywhere on the castle grounds! This includes e-cigarettes. 

  • As a shared space, please leave the rooms as you find them. 

  • You may not bring anyone who was not invited to the residency into the castle or onto the castle grounds at any time.

  • You are responsible for all your meals. There is a kitchen, so cooking at the castle is a wonderful way to save money! 

  • There will be quiet time for shared bedrooms from 10 PM to 9 AM. This doesn’t mean go to sleep of course, but it does mean that if you are awake and chatting, please be considerate of the other people staying in the castle. All of the communal rooms in the castle (Great Room, Living Room, Kitchen, etc) will be available to use 24 hours a day!

  • *If you are staying in  a shared room, you must bring a book light, ipad, etc and headphones, because 10 PM will be lights out in the shared rooms if your roommate is sleeping. Of course everyone is welcome in the communal spaces 24 hours a day! So, if you can’t sleep, there will be plenty of places to hang out!*

  • Shared rooms will be only 1 person to a bed, even if the bed you reserve is a double or king size.

  • Shared rooms will be all the same sex, unless you are applying as an artist team and wish to share a room.

  • If you are using paints, you must bring drop cloths with you. You are responsible for any damage that your art medium causes, and we do not want to damage this amazing castle in ANY way. There will be MANY places on the grounds for painting outdoors! - not to mention that you will have all of Scotland as your studio!
  • Absolutely NO glitter!

On the 2nd to last evening, there will be an OPTIONAL private showing of the work you created during your week. Even if you don't wish to participate, all are of course invited!