Frampton Court Retreat

Frampton Court, in the amazing English Cotswolds! 
Limited to just 9 Artists

October 7-14, 2024

UPDATE: This retreat is full. Please don't hesitate to complete the application to be added to the waitlist! Things happen all the time, and spaces now full may open up! 

Frampton Court is a stunning Georgian mansion house on the edge of the Cotswolds, which has been lived in and owned by the Clifford family since it was built in the 1730s.  Circled by its own private ornamental gardens, Frampton Court also overlooks the park and 50 acre lake. 

Just a two hour train ride from London, and one hour to Bath, England!
It's a wonderful location to explore so may iconic places! 

Your week at Frampton Court will have you just a 5 minute walk to the Frampton-on-Severn village where you'll find pubs, a cafe, and England's longest town green. The town green is a popular place for artists to paint or sketch the day away, as is ALL of the Cotswolds area!  The cost of your retreat is based on which room you reserve. The price includes your room, a stocked fridge for breakfasts and lunches for the week (fruit, bread, cheese, cream, milk, juice, veggies, wine, etc), and 3 mini art classes (which are optional). As the time gets closer, there will be other surprises and opportunities as well! 

Important... please read! These retreats are not based on your portfolio... they exist to invite artists of all mediums to experience time and space away from their daily routines, environments, and obligations. They allow creative time to reflect, make art, relax, and explore a new area with new inspirations. Immersion into an area other than your home can be healing and inspiring. Something magical happens when artists explore their creativity within a new community! There are no mandatory scheduled events during these retreats, but there will be mini-classes if you would like to try something new! Watercolor, sketching, mosaics, and more! The week is all yours to do what you wish. These retreats are meant to give YOU time to reconnect with your creative self, and have the freedom to explore your own medium in a new environment. Some people need time alone on these retreats, and others want to socialize.. both are FINE! If you lock yourself in your room all week, that's ok! This is a week for you to nurture your creative self, and these retreats must remain a judgement free zone where you are able to put your own creative self first! <3 

Itinerary- please note that the final itineray will be sent to you a couple of months before the retreat. There is chance that some of the below times/events will change.There is lots of free time... just as there should be on an art retreat! The time is YOURS. You do not have to do any of the art classes.. but they are there if you would like to try something new, or practice an old skill! 

Day 1: Check-in at Frampton Court at 4:30 PM. Meet and greet in the Great Hall at 5:30 PM. Rest & Relax the rest of the evening! 
Day 2: 10:00- 12:00 mini art class: sketching as a journal
Day 3: 10:00-12:00 mini art class: Using Pastels
Day 4: Free Day or optional group excursion
Day 5: 10:00- 12:00 mini art class: tbd
Day 6: Free Day! Group dinner at the local pub to say our goodbyes!
Day 7: Check out by 10 AM. 

Please note: There is not a dedicated art studio for this retreat! PLEASE bring anything you need in order to protect this beautiful location as you create your masterpieces! :) - so, think chair covers, an old tablecloth, or a drop-cloth. You are responsible for any damage. Damage of any kind has never happened on an art retreat, and hopefully it never does. Bringing what you need to protect surfaces is the key!Also, there is NO glitter allowed. If you sketch or watercolor in the kitchen or dining room, be prepared to move your work during meal times. 

This is a wonderful retreat for thinking small, easy art: sketching, watercolors, small mosaics, miniature painting, etc. Could anything be more wonderful than sitting under an old, English, oak tree sketching the day away??? 

The Tapestry Room (RESERVED)

This is the most striking bedroom, with the breath-taking eighteenth century tapestry, made by skilled Huguenot refugees from France. 

The bedroom is beautifully elegant and comfortable. The handsome fourposter bed has embroidered hangings, which is also contemporary with the house. The ensuite bathroom commands grand views over the front lawn.

Cost for the week: $1950

The Clutterbuck Room (RESERVED)

This room is named after Richard Clutterbuck who built the present Frampton Court in the 1730s. This lovely bedroom is decorated with Frampton Flora water-colours on the walls and has stunning views across The Park. The grand fourposter bed is hung with original Jacobean fabrics, but the highlight of the room is the double-ended slipper bath that overlooks the Court gardens, parkland and lakes as far as the eye can see! There is a porcelain basin in the room too, with the loo a short walk across the landing.

Cost for the week: $1200

The Clifford Room (RESERVED)

Named after the family, this spacious bedroom is beautifully furnished with contemporary eighteenth century furniture and Frampton Flora watercolours. 
The bedroom is flooded with light and has a fantastic panoramic view across The Park to the lake. There is an ensuite bathroom, with bath, basin, separate shower and loo, and a pretty view to the dovecote. 

Cost for the week: $1850

Flora Room (RESERVED)

Whilst this lovely bedroom is available as a a lovely room with two twin beds for sharing friends, undoubtedly the highlight is the exquisite eighteenth century fireplace with its original blue and white Bristol Delft tiles. With views looking east over the Park, the room is gorgeously light and airy, and is adorned with Frampton Flora water-colours painted by the Clifford ladies. There is an ensuite bathroom, with bath, basin, separate shower and loo.

Cost for the week: $1000 per person

Rosamund Room (RESERVED)

This room is on the ground floor.  Immersed in scenes of climbing floral plants and stunning birds, along with the soft, pastel tones which exude peacefulness and tranquillity. The calming colours continue through to the bathroom where views across the Park can be enjoyed from the elegant slipper bath. The bathroom also features a beautifully tiled hidden soaker shower to add a bit of fun! The room is named after Rosamund Clifford, or ‘Fair Rosamund’, who was famed for her beauty as well as her affair with one of the Kings of England.

Cost for the week: $1800

Pilcher Room (RESERVED)

This groundfloor room is beautifully simple yet refreshing, with its paneled walls and deliciously striking “Wild Thing” wall hanging. There are two single beds, and the room is serviced by the Blue Bathroom across the landing. The room is named after our adventurous ancestor Percy Pilcher, the Victorian pioneer aviator who dedicated his life to the invention of unpowered aircraft – a true pioneer!

Cost for the week: $900 per person

The Wallington Room (RESERVED)

This elegant bedroom is paneled throughout, including the bathroom, with exquisite woodwork.  The room is furnished with fine pieces of furniture.
The views are across the romantic front lawn and village green. The room has a pretty en suite bathroom with bath, basin and loo.

Cost for the week: $1800

Other things to note!

This beautiful old home has a great kitchen you'll be able to use, open fire places for cozy days and evenings, a beautiful sitting room, a large dining room, and some outside seating. There is a caretaker that lives in a completely separate wing on the ground floor. They have no access to the house or the gardens while we are there.  You will have use of the washing machine & dryer, and all of your linens, towels, and toiletries are provided, as are hair dryers! There is WiFi. 

No Smoking Allowed. 

MEALS:  On retreats, meals are not planned, with the exception of the three mini-art class days, when there will be lunch waiting for you after the class if you're interested!  Meals are not planned so that artists are not having to stop their work to make it to dinner or lunch. Your schedule needs to remain open, and for you alone to decide! HOWEVER, the refrigerator will be stocked with food for you throughout the week with many essentials: bread, cheeses, veggies, cream for coffee, milk, coffee, tea, fruit, eggs, rice, pasta, etc). You are welcome to use the kitchen to create meals, and of course to eat and cook with the food purchased for the group! If you go shopping for yourself, please try not to purchase duplicate items, since refrigerator space will be limited.   

Getting There

Travel to and from Frampton Court is your responsibility. The closest airport is Bristol International Airport, however many of you may find flying into London the cheapest and easiest, if you choose not to rent a car., although it will be a 2 hour train ride from London. I always recommend renting a car if you're able to! To travel so far and not have the full freedom to explore the area is tough on some people! So, if you can, rent a small car so that your week is only limited by what you desire to do!
If you don't rent a car, Amanda will arrange a train station pick up (just 5 miles from Frampton Court) on the evening of check-in, and on the morning of check-out.  In all likely-hood, those with cars will offer you a ride now and then if they're going someplace interesting, but do not rely on that, because some people like to travel around alone, or there may only be one person with a car, and they may not be planning on leaving the estate often! One person can not fit 8 other people into a car. :) ... no matter how hard they may try!