Amanda Edwards

Florence House is a Home for chronically homeless women in Portland Maine. It's an inspirational place...  a group of women trying to start over, and banding together in a place of support, love, and sympathy. I approached some of my fellow mosaic artists, with an idea: to each create a mosaic peace dove, and I will assemble them all into a mural of birds in flight on a wall at Florence House.... each dove different, but coming together, and moving in the same direction... just as the women of Florence House are doing. Please enjoy looking through each of the donated pieces, and reading the wonderful inspirations behind their creation. There are 17 doves in total.

Continue on below to see each individual dove,
and to find out more about the artists behind
the creations.

Alice Garrett 

Lexington, Kentucky

"I am calling my dove Finding Home:
Everyone's path in life is different. Sometimes we take a detour, but with Faith and Purpose, we find HOME. My dove shows a path, sometimes running off the dove, but eventually finding the heart center of the key to home. I give the women of Florence House my hope for their happiness and encouragement on their path to find home. Florence House is a beautiful place. "

Tina Shoys

Florence, Oregon

"The inspiration for my dove was a blazing rainbow to signify the hope and beauty that follows a storm. The women of Florence House have experienced storms in their lives, and my wish is that each of them sees the rainbow to come."

Joanne Paquin

North Smithfield, RI

"My inspiration came from the heart warming love that the community has shown to the women of the Florence House, and their love of a new beginning."

Patti Cadwallader 

  El Cajon, CA

"A grain of sand is an irritation to the oyster but that grain of sand becomes a unique and valued treasure...the pearl."

Lori Frank

Berlin, Wisconsin

"The dove, signifying love and serenity which is the basis of Florence House, is carrying the key to unlock the Florence House door for those in need. Inside of Florence House the women will experience a new sense of hope for their future."

Pam Holt


"My granddaughter and I made our dove with several large butterflies,that to us,signify Florence House,and other places that bring hope. The vines are growing from those places. Smaller butterflies are growing from the vines. Those are people who have been helped in their time of need,and go on to help others when they can."

Jackie White

Allen, Texas

"Inspiration for my design - I decided to do linked hearts to represent the love that the house shows to all of these women, they are linked to each other through the experiences that they have all been through. The colours of pink and white signify peace and femininity."

Inez Verhagen

Pynacker, South Holland,

"I decided to make a natural looking dove, covered in mother of pearl, because I wanted to make a strong and simple dove. Mother of pearl is one of the most beautiful natural materials I know, it shines and changes color, and is extremely tough. It symbolizes the strong and tough women who live here, who are beautiful because of who they are, and who shine from within.
This dove has a simple and quiet design, and is also meant to symbolize the introverts among us, and the ones who sometimes in their busy and chaotic lives want to rest their eyes on something peaceful."

Peggy Lindstrom

San Rafael, CA

"My inspiration for this dove is to demonstrate with the large heart to love yourself and know your true worth, for in loving yourself you allow that love to radiate out to everyone. Know that you are Special, Strong, Safe, and Secure now, and let your love Shine."

 Frances Green

Basel-city, Canton Of Basel-city,

"There's a saying in German "Der Krug geht zum Brunnen bis er bricht" (the jug goes to the well until it breaks), which means that everyone has their breaking point, and that once something is shattered it often cannot be mended. But Mosaics show that with the right materials, you can take the broken pieces and turn them into something beautiful and strong! And what's more somehing that is even more beautiful and even stronger than it was before! I hope that the Women in the Florence house (and elsewhere) will find the right materials to form their many hard experiences into a mosaic of strength and beauty. That's what my dove is about."

Melissa  McIntyre

South Bend, Indiana

"My inspiration was the ocean because the water smooths each of the shells and rocks, just like we go through times of troubles and heartache in life. The sunrise symbolizes hope because a new day is here."


Englewood, Florida

Libby Kennedy

Tucson, Arizona

Mena, Arkansas

Kelly Harris

Redondo Beach, California

Amanda Edwards

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"I wanted the body & wings of the bird to be reminiscent of the sky... To me, the sky represents freedom, soaring, life, being part of something bigger, and empowerment..