Amanda Edwards

Boston Seek & Find

Everyone's Tree House

- a 5-story, 275 square foot, mosaic adventure

Above photos by Kelly Ash.
Click on the photos below to see close ups of each of the floors!

Total dimensions of all 5 floors:
 11 feet x 25 feet

Total Square footage: 275 square feet

Approximate tiles: 73,000

Total Weight: 1,000 lbs.

On October 31, 2012, I received a call that my design, "Everyone's Tree House" was
selected by the Creative Arts Program at Boston Children's Hospital as the winning design for a 5-story mosaic mural in the new wing of the hospital.

For 9 months, I worked every day on the mural. - and my wonderful mosaic apprentice, Elizabeth Redstone, was with me a few times a week as well! Everyone's Tree House was installed almost one year after I got the call that my design was chosen. It was hard to say good bye to it, but it's new home couldn't be a better place.

The video below shows the piece as it was being worked on in my studio. Its a good way to understand the size of the floors.
The mural is spread across 5 floors, and is in corridors which overlook an interior courtyard. From the courtyard, and from the building across from it, you are able to see the full tree house.

Installation of the mural went great, and happened on October 17, 2013. The frame is being milled, and will be installed around the mural soon!
Here are some of the animals and insects that have come to life on the finished piece.
This is just a sampling of the children & other things happening in the tree!

The Cape Courier interviewed me toward the beginning of the project.
- and thank you to my wonderful mosaic apprentice, Elizabeth Redstone, who I wish they had named in this article.

Also, Boston.com published an article on the piece when my design was chosen. Please click here to head over and give it a read.