There is an organisation in Portsmouth NH that contacted me. They are called Surfscapes, and are gathering old, used surf boards, and giving them to artists to "beautify". Then, they will gather the boards, and turn them into public park benches. The benches will be auctioned off to Portsmouth businesses. The businesses will install them outdoors, and with a plaque of the artists the created each one. I'm honoured that they asked me to do a board for them!

 I decided to do a "sea creature" theme... and it was at that moment that I had the idea to ask the Etsy PieceMaker Team if they wanted to get involved. I'm a proud co-founder of the PieceMakers, and every member is such a unique & wonderful mosaic artist. Many members of the team wanted to be involved. They'll all be sending me mosaic creatures, done on mesh. I'll be installing them on the board, and then creating the background.

As you can see, the organiser dropped off the board today. It's a rather short turn around time... I'm shooting for just 4 weeks!

The money Seascapes raises from the auction will go to a few different charities... all ones that help protect & keep our oceans healthy! How can you say no to that?