It's finally snowing here in Maine!!! We've waited a long time for this storm, and my kids are over the moon that school was FINALLY closed for a snow day! While they play in the snow, periodically come in for hot cocoa & dry mittens, I'm trying to organize my studio & myself. Lots has been happening in the art world around here lately... and it time for me to lay it all out for myself so I don't loose track of anything.

The Surfboard I created for Surfscapes was recently part of a photo shoot with photographer Colleen Dubois ( Myself & the entire Piece Maker Mosaic group (members created creatures for the board!) are feeling proud today that the board I worked on is one of the "poster children" for this cool project.

I finished up a smaller, really fun mosaic commission last week... bring on the Spring!

I'm working on 2 possible designs for Spaulding Rehab Hospital. Spaulding is building a new hospital at the Charlestown Navy Yard, right outside of Boston. I've been asked to create a 7' x 4' mural for a patient floor, collaborating with another artist who has asked to remain nameless for the time being.  Here is an artist's rendering of the new Hospital... beautiful.

The idea behind my first concept is that the viewer would be standing, looking through the trees at the bridges ahead of them. With an injury, there is never just one bridge to cross... there are many. Some of the waters will be smaller pieces of glass... rougher waters. Some of the water will be flowing, larger pieces.. smoother, calmer water. The trees will be flowering, Spring trees... new beginnings & hope. The sky will be circular, and done all in light blues... the scene will be bright & colorful... signifying that Spaulding is there to create the perfect setting for their healing... and that you just need to be present, and take the steps, and have the hope needed for healing.

I'll be finishing my second idea/sketch today, and will try to post it tomorrow.

I was also able to finish & grout a mirror frame that has some special meaning for me. My Mother had a bowl owned by my Great Grandmother (we have others still that are in one piece!). One day, while cleaning it, the bowl broke. My Mom saved the pieces, and brought them to me.... so now the bowl will live on in this mirror. - and THIS is why I love mosaics. :)