The Rainbow Portrait

Although I have 3 mosaic orders sitting on my desk, I felt the need to start a mosaic for me. After almost a year of creating mosaics for other people, I just needed to at least have one of my own under way. :)  I've been thinking about this piece for months... it's a mosaic of my favorite elements from the wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth I. There are elements from many of her pieces that I adore.. her coronation robe, her dress in the Rainbow Portrait, the lace designs, the hand painted fabrics, the hats, the embroidery... the list could go on and on. Her clothes were often hand painted with symbols (like eyes and ears), embroidered with symbolic creatures, were both feminine AND expressions of power. Although I have only spent 2 days working on this piece, it feels so good to finally be getting it out of my system.

Here is a sneak peek at one piece of the whole. The lace will be slow moving, but will be well worth the time & sore neck. For every 2 days I work on my commissioned pieces, I'm allowing myself to work equal time on this one. A little Christmas present to myself. :)