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Surfboard and Orders

October 25, 2011
It's been busy in the studio the last few months, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I'm going to try to finish putting the glass on the surfboard over the next few days, and get it grouted within a week. Then, it's on to 3 commissioned orders that are coming in. The mural for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital is being picked up tomorrow at 11! As soon as it's installed, I'll be running over to check it out & will post lots of photos.

So, now for a little update on the surfboard, which is a collaboration with the Etsy PieceMaker group. About a month ago, I was contacted by a non-profit group that's gathering old surf boards & giving them to artists to decorate. They're then turning them into public benches that will be auctioned off to businesses in Portsmouth NH. The money they raise will go toward keeping the New Hampshire coastline clean. The PieceMakers have all sent me mosaic creatures to go on to the board... and I've been busy creating a background for the piece & attaching all the sea-life. It's been a fun project, and I can't wait to see it finished!

A Day in the Life... in the Studio.

October 23, 2011

It's a beautiful Sunday here on this Maine beach, but after days of playing and frolicking in the Autumn sun, it's time to anchor myself down in the studio. I've got five pieces I'm currently working on, so there's plenty to do! :) It's a small studio space, but it's my favorite studio so far. I've had 5 other spaces, and this one is wonderful for a lot of reasons:

I like being able to reach most of my glass shelves while I work.
There is a lot of natural light.
Small spaces force me to be more organized.
It's right off one of our main living areas, so I still feel like a part of our household when I'm working.
I can work throughout the day, even when the kids are home, because I don't need to leave the house to create!

Looking at my shelves, it's time to do some restocking. Empty jars = lots of creating!

... and a small peek out of one of the windows, to the yard. It looks so pretty out there today. Inspiration to make another tree mosaic. :)

Happy creating to you, in whatever creative space you may have!


To View More of my Work...

October 18, 2011

I am sometimes asked where people can see more of my work. So, click the above mosaic, and it will bring you to my flickr account, where you can browse all day.  Some creations are small, some are large... and each one has a different story of inspiration behind it. Enjoy!


Barbara Bush Children's Hospital Mural

October 4, 2011

Months of work & 12 hours of grouting, and it's done! The next photo I post will be of it hanging in it's new home, in the atrium of the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Measures 5 feet x 7 feet.

A few more detailed shots of some of the creatures:

The process of making this mosaic was months and months in making. First, it was approaching the hospital with my idea, and from there just trying to think like a kid again. - which, frankly, isn't very hard for me. :)  Throughout the design, I asked my kids what they thought of a lot. I knew that I wanted to have a few things for the kids to find... like 15 bumblebees. It was my 5 year old daughter that told me I should make one of them a queen bee though.  My 9 year old son bought the blown glass blue lobster, and asked if he could be listening to the book that the mouse was reading. Every time they made a suggestion, I listened. - because from the start, this was a gift for the kids at hospital. It was never about the parents, or any of the adults walking around. I wanted to create something that would be fun to look at... something that they could study & discover new things in. Like, the fish that's flying through the sky. - he's hard to spot on purpose... he doesn't want to be caught flying.

If anyone has questions about this piece, please feel free to contact me. - even other mosaic artists looking for advice with large pieces.


Grout Grout Grout

October 2, 2011
It's been a busy weekend around here! In amongst daily life with a husband, two kids, pets, and activities, I've also been working like crazy in the studio. Two of the three Children's Hospital mural panels are now grouted! That's 5 feet x 4.5 feet of grouting done yesterday. The total of all the panels is 5'x7'. I'm grouting the final panel today, and then tomorrow I'll be working on the many color washes that will be applied to the grout. I can't wait for that step! Here's a little look... without giving away too much. Can't wait for the big reveal! :)

The PieceMaker Etsy Mosaic Team surfboard project is coming to life more and more each day as well! Here is a look at some of the progress, as well as a closer look at some of the amazing creatures that were sent to me. When the board is complete, I'll put a rundown of all the names of the artists that participated in this cool project! But, if you really can't wait, then head over to the PieceMaker Blog for a run down now.


Surfboard Mosaic Project

September 30, 2011
Slowly, the surfboard project is coming together! I now have all the creatures for the board, from Etsy PieceMaker mosaic artists all over the country (and one from Switzerland as well!).
They're all in place, and the background started to appear today.

Grouting is underway on my Barbara Bush Children's Hospital Mural as well! Photos to come over the next few days!


Off to Boston

September 24, 2011
I finished up my tree house mosaic yesterday... 6 grout colors later. Yes... there are 6 grout colors on that piece. I was commissioned by Latitude Gallery (Newbury Street, Boston) to do this piece. It's going to be installed in the general medicine department of the Boston Children's Hospital. This lucky one will be put behind a glass panel. Will be interesting to see the finished installation!

This week, I also sent off a house number sign to Washington State. I think that I'm taking a break from house numbers for a while. They've been great to work on, and have helped me buy a whole lot of supplies... so I'm grateful for every order. I'm sure I'll do them again one day.

Now I'm down to having the surfboard & the large Children's Hospital Mural hanging around in my studio. I can actually move around in there now! It's lovely. :)

Surfboard Mosaic & Children's Hospital Mural

September 15, 2011
The surfboard is officially under way! For a few weeks now, I've been getting donations for the board from all over the country... and even one from Switzerland! I'm waiting for one more creature to come in the mail, so I decided to start putting them on the board today. I'm working with a thinset adhesive, which isn't much fun, but boy is it doing the trick!

I've started to add some of the rock, but still lots more to go. Rock, seaweed, coral, and lots of blue water will all fill in the background. Please head over to the PieceMaker blog to read all about everyone who's donated creatures to this cool group project!

Things are moving along with the Children's Hospital Mural. It's grouting time for most of it.... which will be fun, since I have it in my head to use a whole bunch of different grout colors. I still have a small area around the sun to put glass on, but that's it! woo-hoo!

I've also been commissioned to create a smaller hospital installation for a hospital in Boston. It's coming along. The rest of the glass (for the sky & the grass) will go on it by the end of the weekend, and then I'll be grouting it the beginning of the week.

Hopefully, I'll have some finished photos to post on here over the next week or so!

Surf Board Mosaic Project

August 13, 2011

There is an organisation in Portsmouth NH that contacted me. They are called Surfscapes, and are gathering old, used surf boards, and giving them to artists to "beautify". Then, they will gather the boards, and turn them into public park benches. The benches will be auctioned off to Portsmouth businesses. The businesses will install them outdoors, and with a plaque of the artists the created each one. I'm honoured that they asked me to do a board for them!

 I decided to do a "sea creature" theme... and it was at that moment that I had the idea to ask the Etsy PieceMaker Team if they wanted to get involved. I'm a proud co-founder of the PieceMakers, and every member is such a unique & wonderful mosaic artist. Many members of the team wanted to be involved. They'll all be sending me mosaic creatures, done on mesh. I'll be installing them on the board, and then creating the background.

As you can see, the organiser dropped off the board today. It's a rather short turn around time... I'm shooting for just 4 weeks!

The money Seascapes raises from the auction will go to a few different charities... all ones that help protect & keep our oceans healthy! How can you say no to that?

Barbara Bush Children's Hospital Mural

August 13, 2011
For the past months, intermingled with moving to our wonderful new 1800's beach house, and summer vacation, I've been working on a mosaic mural for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. I'm hoping to have all the glass put on it over the next week, and I'll post more photos of my progress along this mosaic marathon coming up. The mural measures a little over 5 feet x 7 feet. I've loved seeing this one evolve!


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