It's Memorial Day weekend... the official start of summer here at the beach! - and what better way to start a new season than with a new big project? If you haven't heard of Florence House, in close-by Portland Maine, then please take a look at this video:

It's an inspirational place... and when you see a group trying to start over, and banding together in a place of support, love, and sympathy, you want to jump in and do something. As an artist, my mind always floats to mosaics... and so I approached my mosaic group, the Piece Makers, with an idea: to each create a mosaic peace dove, and I will assemble them all into a mural of birds in flight on a wall at Florence House.... each dove different, but coming together, and moving in the same direction... just as the women of Florence House are doing. So far, 14 artists have stepped up & are participating. It's a very exciting project, and I'm so honored to be able to do something special for this group of women who have been through so much.