UPDATE: The finished frame & eggs that I wrote about below. :)

Things are busy in the studio... life is plugging along... and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of all of it! I've got a number of projects going on right now, and am trying to keep a few non-commission pieces going at the same time. Here's a little look at whats been going on the studio this past week.

This mirror frame has been hanging around in my studio for the past year. I finally got around to finishing it, and will be getting down & dirty with it and some grout this weekend.

This is a sneak peek at a commission I started this week... two matching Ukrainian Mosaic Eggs. They're proving to be so much fun to make! A welcome break from the glass bead work of this next piece....

My Queen Elizabeth I wardrobe mosaic collage is slowly plodding along. I loose days in the studio working on the glass bead work on that lace.

... and work is about to begin on a large window for a health center in Colorado.

Through all the time I spend in my studio, life continues all around me. :) I join in every chance I get... and there is ALWAYS a space for anyone else who might wan to spend some time creating. This is often the wonderful view I have from my studio desk... my beautiful daughter, gettin' her art on.

Lastly, I got a call yesterday about what could prove to be a VERY exciting new project! - sized about 7 feet x 4 feet, for a new Rehab Center building outside of Boston.

Off to the studio I float now! Have a creative day all!