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It's Work in Progress Time!

Posted by Amanda Edwards on Thursday, February 16, 2012,
UPDATE: The finished frame & eggs that I wrote about below. :)

Things are busy in the studio... life is plugging along... and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of all of it! I've got a number of projects going on right now, and am trying to keep a few non-commission pieces going at the same time. Here's a little look at whats been going on the studio this past week.

This mirror frame has been hanging around in my studio for the past year. I finally got around to f...

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February already

Posted by Amanda Edwards on Sunday, February 5, 2012,
Wow... time keeps on chugging along. Here in Maine, it's been a very mild winter. Even now, I can see grass outside when I look out the window. What a strange thing that is. Spring will be here before we know it... and I can't wait to open the windows, hear the birds, listen to the waves at night, and lay in the sand again. But, for now, I'm taking full advantage of the colder months, and working on a number of projects in the studio. First, there was a studio move back in the beginning of Ja...

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Amanda Edwards I'm a stained glass & mixed media mosaic artist living on a beautiful beach in Southern Maine, with my husband & two children. Simply put, I love glass. I love the textures, variety of colors, shapes, sizes, reflections, even the sound it makes when I’m scoring and cutting it. Glass allows me to take a thousand little pieces of color and turn them into a flowing representation of my very active imagination.

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