It's a beautiful Sunday here on this Maine beach, but after days of playing and frolicking in the Autumn sun, it's time to anchor myself down in the studio. I've got five pieces I'm currently working on, so there's plenty to do! :) It's a small studio space, but it's my favorite studio so far. I've had 5 other spaces, and this one is wonderful for a lot of reasons:

I like being able to reach most of my glass shelves while I work.
There is a lot of natural light.
Small spaces force me to be more organized.
It's right off one of our main living areas, so I still feel like a part of our household when I'm working.
I can work throughout the day, even when the kids are home, because I don't need to leave the house to create!

Looking at my shelves, it's time to do some restocking. Empty jars = lots of creating!

... and a small peek out of one of the windows, to the yard. It looks so pretty out there today. Inspiration to make another tree mosaic. :)

Happy creating to you, in whatever creative space you may have!